Southern Food & Southern Hospitality

Many of us have probably heard of the top traits that define southern hospitality, a manner of welcoming guests that is seen most often in the distinct cultures of about 15 southern states in the US. These traits include but are not limited to the following:

1) Politeness
2) Kindness
3) Helpfulness
4) Charm
5) Charity
6) Good Home Cooking

The last trait, good homemade cooking, is the foundation that exists at the heart of every southern family. Southern women are taught to cook up a storm, especially when guests are visiting. There will always be plenty of food to go around when visiting a southern home. Unexpected guests, family and friends are always stopping by, so a southern family is always making more food rather than less. Scrumptious food and welcoming guests always go hand and hand. The more, the merrier.

Many southern recipes also get passed down from generation and generation, so southern cooking is a part of tradition. From comforting soul food to the most delectable desserts, southern families know how to satisfy their guests’ taste buds.