Delectable Southern Desserts

The South is known for its hearty and savory cooking, but Southern desserts always take center stage at the end of every big meal. Make sure you ask your caterer to add these scrumptious desserts to your next Southern feast:

Key Lime Pie

Peach Cobbler

Pecan Pie

Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Pound Cake

Banana Pudding

Southern Food & Southern Hospitality

Many of us have probably heard of the top traits that define southern hospitality, a manner of welcoming guests that is seen most often in the distinct cultures of about 15 southern states in the US. These traits include but are not limited to the following:

1) Politeness
2) Kindness
3) Helpfulness
4) Charm
5) Charity
6) Good Home Cooking

The last trait, good homemade cooking, is the foundation that exists at the heart of every southern family. Southern women are taught to cook up a storm, especially when guests are visiting. There will always be plenty of food to go around when visiting a southern home. Unexpected guests, family and friends are always stopping by, so a southern family is always making more food rather than less. Scrumptious food and welcoming guests always go hand and hand. The more, the merrier.

Many southern recipes also get passed down from generation and generation, so southern cooking is a part of tradition. From comforting soul food to the most delectable desserts, southern families know how to satisfy their guests’ taste buds.

Southern Catering

Caterers that specialize in southern cuisine usually boast of a well-seasoned team of longtime culinary veterans with decades of experience in catering, as well as a long-term roster of important or even famous clients. These culinary teams regularly received accolades from their clients for their stellar planning in putting together and catering memorable events.

Many southern caterers have years of experience hosting events for US Presidents, Kings and celebrities, so they know how to make your special event truly memorable and exceptional.  From corporate events, outdoor picnics, birthday parties and anniversaries to black-tie formals and wedding receptions, these caterers can plan your special event with a customized menu to meet the tastes of any budget.  Whether the event is big or small, top southern catering businesses strive to give their clients the care and attention to detail needed that make them the go-to caterer for all event planning needs. When it comes to making a good impression for a huge event, hiring the right caterer is the key to success. Top it off with a unique menu of delicious southern dishes, and you’re good to go!